About me

I have been experiencing with creative designs since I was a little girl.


I started by drawing a lot, hand knitting, beading, and I also tried macrame making. I was intently designing accessories and clothes for hours, drawing my dreams in a booklet.

I have been designing accessories and clothes as a hobby, since 1987. In 1992, I started learning the basics of the profession in a design school. I design unique pieces of clothing, for occasions and for the weekdays. As for my style, I'm an experimenter type, I like to try and combine different and unusual materials and various shapes.

My main goal is to make you feel special in these clothes, whether you are a modest and elegant or a cooler and brave person. It is important for me to design clothes and accessories that are unique, interesting and outstanding. Since I continuously develop newer ideas, only a few pieces are made of every item, which makes it unlikely for you to ever come across them in the streets or see someone wearing the same outfit at an occasion.

I always imagine the person wearing it, while hoping that my work makes them just as happy as I was during the making process.

Besides designing clothes and accessories, I also like painting as a hobby. I'm on the learning curves of painting as an autodidact. I see the opportunity in it to combine the spatiality of different shapes with the power of colors, and to play around with them. I had my own art exhibition in January 2000, at Marosvásárhely.